Octavia Hatcher and the Ongoing Oddness in Eastern Kentucky

Episode Description:

The time: Midnight. 

The place: The lost highways of eastern Kentucky. 

You hear a baby crying from the hillside graveyard. A lost child? At this time of night? You’ve heard the folk tales. You know the stories. Yet, something still pulls you forward, dear Nightowl, into the depths of the tombstones beyond. 

Tonight, we venture to the town of Pikeville, Kentucky, just thirty minutes north of the infamous community of Hellier, to examine the legends of one of the region’s most notorious haints, Octavia Hatcher. We’ll dig into (no pun intended) the lesser known aspects of the terrifying case and try to piece this haunting together with some of the recent news of goblin infestation coming out of the area. In the introduction to this episode we discuss the odd atmospheric phenomena that occurred over the state in December 2018 and how it could concur with the current mystery boom reports. 

The crackle of a radio in the distance sends a shiver down your spine. You want to run, to get back to your car and leave before you encounter something truely evil. As you turn, the ground opens beneath you and a skeletal hand wraps around your ankle. The Truckstop Dave beat begins the introduction to the last podcast you’ll ever hear, Midnight in Kentucky; Octavia Hatcher and Ongoing Oddness in Eastern Kentucky. 

This episode features tracks:

‘Path 4’ by Truckstop Dave

‘Angry Small Town Scene 6’ by Truckstop Dave

‘The Real’ by B. Silas


-What’s that up in the sky? A weather radar mystery unfolds in the Tri-State


-Radar Mystery Hasn’t been Solved Yet


-Remember Those Mysterious Radar Blips? Kentucky Wasn’t Alone


-The Legend of Octavia Hatcher 


-Bridget’s Photos

-Stephen’s Photos

-My Mountain Mysteries – The Octavia Hatcher Story – Chapter Two; Octavia Hatcher


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Hellier Episode 2: ‘Ink and Black’ Review

This review contains spoilers! Follow the link below to watch before reading!

Hellier Episode 2: Ink and Black


Episode two of Hellier takes us to the infamous hills of eastern Kentucky on the hunt of goblins with the Alien Cave Base Task Force. To me, the buildup to the team arriving in Hellier echoed another series whose narrative is steeped heavily in occulture and ultraterrestrials. Twin Peaks fans are familiar with all of the story lines and synchronicities that had to slowly converge in the series’ third season to culminate in the heroes returning to the titular north western town. Though Hellier’s narrative brought us to it’s own title’s namesake at a much quicker pace, the synchronicities and subtle calling of high strangeness that slowly led both Dale Cooper back to Twin Peaks after twenty five years, and Greg Newkirk to Hellier, Kentucky, five years after the case began, bear striking similarities to each other. The oddities that spring forth from these synchronicities and strange occurrences for Greg, Dana, and the gang, are Lynchian to the max.

The Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts, as it is termed by Allen Greenfield in his book by the same name, takes center stage in Ink and Black. Indeed, the name of the episode itself comes from a term that appears both in Terry Wriste’s e-mails to Greg and is said to describe none other than Indrid Cold, the supposed extradimensional being that appeared to Woodrow Derenberger during the Mothman sightings in West Virginia, through the Cypher that Greenfield writes about. It’s Karl who first recognizes the commonality between Greenfield’s findings and Terry Wriste’s own communications en route to Hellier, setting the tone for their time in the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky before they had even fully arrived. This air of otherworldly intervention continues as Hellier residents seem reluctant to discuss the happenings around the town when the team arrives and even more so when news agencies and police departments show no interest in speaking with them. In the words of Dana Newkirk, “The strangest thing we encountered was the lack of strangeness.”

This lack of strangeness seems to be the calm before the storm, however. No one in town knows of David Christie, the supposed doctor who sent Greg the original e-mails. On the hunt for Christie, though, the team are told of more odd goings on within the hills of Hellier, such as sounds of a baby crying within the caves at night. This leads Dana to theorize that what they may be dealing with in Hellier is some kind of elemental entity or entities. Puckwudgies were what originally sprang to my mind when Dana made mention of this. (For more information on these creatures follow the link below.) Regardless, though the case takes a more treacherous turn in episode two, as Ink and Black steeps us further into the strangeness happening within Hellier and like it’s thematic, fictional brethren, Twin Peaks, manages to raise more questions on just what it is behind the odd occurrences. In Hellier, energies are building and something is about to break.

See you guys for a combined episode three and four review: ‘Trapped in a Maze’ & ‘Slivers of the Future’

‘Til the next moon rises, Night Owls!

  • Puckwudgie: Evil Goblins or Helpful Elementals

High Strangeness in Hellier Featuring The Kentucky Goblins

Episode Title: High Strangeness in Hellier Featuring The Kentucky Goblins

Episode Description: It’s the midnight hour, once again! Tonight we’re sitting down to discuss the recent Week in Weird docuseries, Hellier. This series is five episodes of eastern Kentucky high strangeness centered around those elusive Bluegrass entities, the Kentucky goblins. In addition to discussing our ideas, theories, and opinions of the adventures of the Alien Cave Base Task Force, we contribute our own thought provoking research to this strange ongoing case right in the edge of Appalachian Plateaus. In the introduction, we continue our discussion of the odd mystery booms heard in Kentucky and elsewhere as of late, with the most recent notable happening in Jackson County at the end of January. Time to take to the shadows, Nightowls! The goblins are amongst us and ethereal voices are speaking through your podcatcher on tonight’s episode of Midnight in Kentucky; High Strangeness in Hellier, Featuring The Kentucky Goblins.
This episode features tracks:

‘Angry Small Town Scene 6’ by Truckstop Dave

‘Changes’ by B. Silas

‘Dark Noise VII part 2’ by Truckstop Dave

-Mystery boom heard in three counties

-Hellier on YouTube
Part 1: The Midnight Children https://youtu.be/R1FwIuicx88

Part 2: Ink and the Black https://youtu.be/BbXbfImzpo8

Part 3: Trapped in a Maze https://youtu.be/Ok_ZKSe4YEA

Part 4: Slivers of the Future https://youtu.be/uW0fowdD8bI

Part 5: The Heart of it https://youtu.be/tY9Sw6hfgKg

-The Return of the Kentucky Goblins

-Return of the Kentucky Goblins: New Leads in a Case of Strange Creatures, Crashed UFOs, and the Men in Black

-Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts

-Secret Rituals of the Men in Black

-Secret Underground Bases

-Shaped UFO in Pike County, Kentucky, October 16th, 2012

-Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts – by Allen Greenfield on AboveTopSecret.com


-Allen Greenfield on The Paracast

-David Christie Ontario Mining Company
-David Christie Collins in Danville


1Dr David Collins in Pikeville

-TruckStop Dave Online
-B. Silas Online

Fix it in post!

1:10:40: JOHN TENNEY!!


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Hellier Episode 1: ‘The Midnight Children’ Review

This review contains spoilers! Follow the link below to watch before reading!

Hellier Episode 1: The Midnight Children

There is a pertinent moment early on in ‘The Midnight Children’, the first episode of Hellier, that manages to perfectly capture one of the five part docu-series’ most important overall themes. This foreboding instance comes in Greg Newkirk’s initial interview. Greg notes that in his experience as a supernatural and paranormal investigator often times the deeper a case is pursued the stranger, and evermore stranger, it becomes. Not only does this statement absolutely apply to the Hellier investigation at hand going forward, but it is also very applicable to something that has always bugged me about the way the overall community surrounding the supernatural and paranormal perceives any given popular happening that comes our way. Take the 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville ‘UFO crash’ for instance, an event that plays heavily into the Hellier documentary. (I assume most readers are familiar with this incident, though, if not check out Nick Redfern’s Mysterious Universe article in the link following this review.) While we’ve spent decades arguing about whether the creatures seen by the Sutton’s on that hot August evening were in fact other worldly entities or just barn owls, we’ve failed to take into account the centuries of interactions that the human population in and around Kentucky have had with beings like the goblins near our natural cave systems. Too many times we’re so willing to hear the details of a case, and as believers herald it as the coming of the extraterrestrials, or as skeptics, take it as just another case of wildlife misidentification, without allowing the thing to develop to its full high strangeness. The crew of Hellier certainly can’t be accused of this.

In fact much of the Hellier investigation revolves around a strange series of synchronicities that took place involving researcher Karl Pfeiffer and his relation to the ongoing investigation by Greg and Dana Newkirk into ‘The Return of the Kentucky Goblins’. For those who may not know of the phenomena of synchronicities, I’ll quickly summarize by quoting the originator of the term, Carl Jung’s definition of ‘a meaningful coincidence’. (You can read more on synchronicities at the link following this review.) I’m sure for more than a few diehard ‘UFO people’ I know, and by reading other’s thoughts on the series online, this element of synchronicity and esoterica was already a point of contention with Hellier. However, just like we as a community have failed to acknowledge the connections of the holler goblin legends in Kentucky with the ‘55 encounter in Kelly and so many more instances in hundreds of cases across the board, we often times fail to realize that these moments of high strangeness are elements of some of the most prolific incidences of the paranormal and supernatural. As is referenced throughout the series, prominent Mothman investigator John Keel experienced many of these moments of synchronicity and strangeness throughout, and after, his time in Point Pleasant. Indeed, as Greg points out in ‘The Midnight Children’ the letters Keel received from a mysterious group known as ‘The International Bankers’ in connection with his investigation in ‘69 mirrors the cadence and word use of their own Terry Wriste emails shown in this episode. These meaningful coincidences have been reported by various renowned researchers in addition to Keel in conjunction with various cases. This reminds me of one of my favorite lines from the 2002 fictionalized account of John Keel’s Mothman investigation, ‘The Mothman Prophecies’: “One day you’re just driving along in your car, and the universe just points at you and says, “Ah, there you are. I’ve been looking for you. I’ve been looking for you.” It’s as if the something has opened up to these investigators for a major revelation. Many times though, that’s only more questions.

Overall these reviews won’t be the standard recap assessments that these kind of things often are but instead will examine the themes, motifs, and overall subject matter of the individual episodes. ‘The Midnight Children’ introduces us to our investigation team and slowly lulls us into the deep, dark hills of eastern Kentucky, to a place that any bluegrass resident will immediately recognize as a reflection of home. Hellier overall does an excellent job of capturing the unique individualism of our state while at once accentuating our immersion in an ongoing flap of bizarre and other worldly activity. While communally we seem to continually come back to, and pore over, the well known cases like the Flatwood’s Monster, the Fargo UFO dogfight, and the Roswell incident, cases like this one are developing right now in real time. While there is nothing inherently wrong with going back to these incidences and reopening investigations, what Hellier does is take an open run at a new corner of an ongoing occurrence and presents us with a whole new take on just what the ‘Kentucky Goblins’ may be up to, and ‘The Midnight Children’ is only the beginning.

See you guys for episode two: ‘The Ink and the Black’.

‘Til the next moon rises, Night Owls!

•1955: A Really, Really Close Encounter

1955: A Really, REALLY Close Encounter

•What is Synchronicity


The Curious Case of the Kentucky Crytids

Episode Title:

The Curious Case of the Kentucky Crytids

Episode Description:

Calling all Nightowls! It’s the midnight hour and we’re sitting down to discuss the ongoing high strangeness in the deep dark hills, hollers, forests, and suburbs of the bluegrass state. In tonight’s episode, we’re talking about the large assortment of strange creatures witnessed in and around Kentucky and their startling connections to each other and other phenomena. From the Kentucky Gravedigger and the Lizard Man to the Popelick Monster and the Mammoth Cave Ghoul, THEY’RE ALL HERE!! We also take a deep dive into the Waddy Werewolf and it’s connections to the Land Between the Lakes Beast and the Monroe County animal massacres in September of 2018. In addition, we take a brief look at the 1955 Hopkinsville encounter with the Kentucky Goblins, as well as recurring incidents with the same ‘critters’ all throughout the state. In the introduction of this episode we touch on the recent ‘transformer explosion’ in the skies over New York City. Hear it all on tonight’s episode of Midnight in Kentucky; The Curious Case of the Kentucky Cryptids!

This episode features tracks:

‘Dark Noise II’ by Truckstop Dave

‘Angry Small Town Scene 3’ by Truckstop Dave

‘Angry Small Town Scene 20’ by Truckstop Dave

‘In a War’ by B. Silas 


-An Ancient Tradition Unfolds in New York


-The Kentucky Gravedigger on Frontiers of Zoology 


-Strange Creature Digging up Grave

-Scary Stories of Mammoth Cave


-Kentucky Cryptids; Lizard Man on Kentucky Bigfoot


-Livestock Mysteriously Attacked in Shelby County

-Waddy Werewolves on Kentucky Bigfoot


-The Waddy Werewolf, What is the Real Story?


-Mysterious Creature Attacking Animals in Shelby County


-Domestic Dog on Bear Tracker


-The Bizarre Beast of the Land Between the Lakes

-The Return of the Kentucky Goblins

-Return of the Kentucky Goblins: New Leads in a Case of Strange Creatures, Crashed UFOs, and the Men in Black

-Hellier Trailer (All episodes available for streaming now)

-TruckStop Dave Online


-B. Silas Online


Fix it in post: 

1:50- Terry Wriste, not Paul. 


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Midnight in Kentucky: Season Two; Episode Two: Unexplained Disappearances in the Smokey Mountains

Episode Title:

Midnight in Kentucky: Season Two; Episode Two: Unexplained Disappearances in the Smokey Mountains 

Episode Description:

The fog is growing thicker…

The trees are looking stranger…

You’re not sure if you’re in Tennessee anymore…

Tonight we look into just a few of the plethora of unexplained disappearances in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and discuss the phenomenon of strange vanishings at large. In this episode you’ll hear all the classic Midnight in Kentucky rigamarole; alternate dimensions, hairy hominids at work against the human race, and UFO and alien abductions. In addition, we hand out some useful advice from Mr. Missing 411 himself on how not to disappear on your next hiking excursion and take a look at why you should never invite the fae into your home. In the opening of this episode we discuss another mysterious boom heard in Central Kentucky (for those counting at home, that’s two in the last month) and the ‘transformer explosion’ in New York City recently, as well as eulogize the untimely end of the Topix forum. David Paulides may offer no theories, but Stephen and Ben sure as hell will in Midnight in Kentucky: Season Two; Episode Two: Unexplained Disappearances in the Smokey Mountains!

This episode featured tracks:

‘Opera One’ by TruckStop Dave

‘Fog’ by TruckStop Dave

And an excerpt from ‘Track One’ by TruckStop Dave 


-Unsolved Disappearances in the Great Smokey Mountains 

-The Day Hiker in Gatlinburg, Tennessee 


-Trenny Lynn Gibson- Strange Disappearances From U.S. National Parks


-Susan Clements- Strange Disappearances From U.S. National Parks


-Great Smokies Missing Hiker Draws 125 Rescue Personnel


-Mystery How Ohio Woman Got Lost in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park May Never be Solved


-Retired Police Detective Identifies Mysterious Patterns Across Thousands of Missing Persons Cases


-GraveYard Tales: Ep 29: Missing 411


-The Mysterious Death of Henry McCabe

-The Final Call of Henry McCabe 

-Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know: Missing 411 with David Paulides

-TruckStop Dave Online



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Midnight in Kentucky: Season Two; Episode One: The Monroe County Massacres

Episode Title:

Midnight in Kentucky: Season Two; Episode One: The Monroe County Massacres

Episode Description:

Peep the new intro! Peep the new outro! That must mean it’s season two of the only podcast investigating the mysterious, strange, and paranormal in the Pennyroyal and all around the Bluegrass, Midnight In Kentucky! In this, the first episode of season two, we take a look at the rash of strange animal slayings in Monroe County, Kentucky, in September of this year and speculate as to the cause of the horrific massacre. Dogmen, Sasquatch, UFOs, tiny dinosaurs, and mountain lions all make a cameo in this season premier and we briefly discuss the mystery booms heard and felt around a thirty mile radius in central Kentucky recently. Beware the Land Between the Lakes Beast and listen to Midnight in Kentucky: Season two; Episode one: The Monroe County Massacres! 

Show notes:

-Midnight in Kentucky Facebook


Midnight in Kentucky, hosted by Stephen Clark and Benjamin Foster, is the ONLY podcast to take a look at paranormal,…

Posted by Midnight in Kentucky Podcast on Monday, December 10, 2018

-Midnight in Kentucky Twitter

-Map of Mystery Boom in Central Kentucky

A little more on the mystery booms.The map following the article was created by our very own Stephen Clark to show the…

Posted by Midnight in Kentucky Podcast on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

-News Channel 5: “Mystery Surrounding Kentucky Animal Slayings Continue” 


-Death of Three Miniature Horses in Kentucky Remains a Mystery


-Another Mysterious Animal Death in Monroe County


-Mountain Lions Unlikely to be in Kentucky


-What’s With ALL the Missing Dogs


-UFO in Resser Holler


-Nashville Man Finds “Chupacabra”

-The Bizarre Beast of the Land Between the Lakes  

-I Don’t Think This is What Killed the Animals in Monroe County 


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