Midnight in Kentucky: Episode III: Our Holographic Universe

Episode Title:

Midnight in Kentucky: Episode 3: Our Holographic Universe

Episode Description:

Here it is! Right before your eyes and ears! Coded in beautiful binary ones and zeros! Midnight in Kentucky, Episode 3! In which, we find our heroes grappling with the possibility that their reality (your reality, and the shared, our reality) may not be as… real… as it all seems. We discuss some odd instances of real world ‘glitches’, the Copenhagen interpretation and how it may effect how each of us perceive a simulated reality, recent findings that show the edge of the universe is made up of holographic material, and much more. In the introduction to this episode, we talk about the possibility of multiple shooters in the Columbine massacre, aided by what was thought to be long lost news footage of the day in question, as well as the possibility of UFOs over Hawaii during the missile crisis earlier this year. This one’s one hell of a rabbit hole, so strap in and prepare yourself to face Our Holographic Universe.

Show Notes:

-Media footage showing a group of men in custody during Columbine massacre for attempting to access the high school.


-Denver International Airport: Major hub for American travel or nexus of soul-sucking occult evil?


-UFOs seen over Hawaii during missile crisis.


-George Berkeley.


-What it Means to Live in a Holographic Universe.


-Theory Claims to Offer First ‘Evidence’ Our Universe is a Hologram.


-The Story of Octavia Hatcher


-A photo of Octavia Hatcher’s grave, taken by Stephen, severely glitched out in odd ways.


-A subreddit for people to share their ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ stories.


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