Midnight in Kentucky: Episode 5: MKULTRA; Mind Control, Manipulation, and the CIA

Episode Description: Episode five has arrived… Jokes on you Mama Jammas we alive! Or, at least… alive for the moment. The spooks in black suits haven’t gotten us yet, but who knows after tonight’s discussion on the agency’s many forays into mind control, psychological manipulation, and the darker sides of cloak and dagger conspiracies. (Are there lighter sides?) Tonight we’re burning the midnight oil and discussing the CIA’s lasting, documented, legacy of heinous experimentation on unwitting civilians in a now infamous project know as MKULTRA. You’ll hear us discuss how this project lasted for decades, flying under the radar, and how much of the understanding we have of psychology, drug reactions, and multiple other scientific matters, as well as many of the technologies we use today, may have had their origins within the confines of MKULTRA, and how the project itself may be ongoing with a new moniker. Also in this installment, we’ll discuss how a CIA sponsored psychologist, out of Harvard, may have been responsible for influencing the Unabomber, as well as overseeing Timothy Leary’s acid tests, and the connections between Disney’s Magic Kingdom and agency spooks. One time for your mind, listeners! Without further ado, we give you Midnight in Kentucky: Episode 5: MKULTRA; Mind Control, Manipulation, and the CIA.


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