The Monroe County Massacres

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The Monroe County Massacres

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Peep the new intro! Peep the new outro! That must mean it’s season two of the only podcast investigating the mysterious, strange, and paranormal in the Pennyroyal and all around the Bluegrass, Midnight In Kentucky! In this, the first episode of season two, we take a look at the rash of strange animal slayings in Monroe County, Kentucky, in September of this year and speculate as to the cause of the horrific massacre. Dogmen, Sasquatch, UFOs, tiny dinosaurs, and mountain lions all make a cameo in this season premier and we briefly discuss the mystery booms heard and felt around a thirty mile radius in central Kentucky recently. Beware the Land Between the Lakes Beast and listen to Midnight in Kentucky: Season two; Episode one: The Monroe County Massacres! 

Show notes:

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Midnight in Kentucky, hosted by Stephen Clark and Benjamin Foster, is the ONLY podcast to take a look at paranormal,…

Posted by Midnight in Kentucky Podcast on Monday, December 10, 2018

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-Map of Mystery Boom in Central Kentucky

A little more on the mystery booms.The map following the article was created by our very own Stephen Clark to show the…

Posted by Midnight in Kentucky Podcast on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

-News Channel 5: “Mystery Surrounding Kentucky Animal Slayings Continue”

-Death of Three Miniature Horses in Kentucky Remains a Mystery

-Another Mysterious Animal Death in Monroe County

-Mountain Lions Unlikely to be in Kentucky

-What’s With ALL the Missing Dogs

-UFO in Resser Holler

-Nashville Man Finds “Chupacabra”

-The Bizarre Beast of the Land Between the Lakes  

-I Don’t Think This is What Killed the Animals in Monroe County 


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