Hellier Episode 2: ‘Ink and Black’ Review

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Hellier Episode 2: Ink and Black


Episode two of Hellier takes us to the infamous hills of eastern Kentucky on the hunt of goblins with the Alien Cave Base Task Force. To me, the buildup to the team arriving in Hellier echoed another series whose narrative is steeped heavily in occulture and ultraterrestrials. Twin Peaks fans are familiar with all of the story lines and synchronicities that had to slowly converge in the series’ third season to culminate in the heroes returning to the titular north western town. Though Hellier’s narrative brought us to it’s own title’s namesake at a much quicker pace, the synchronicities and subtle calling of high strangeness that slowly led both Dale Cooper back to Twin Peaks after twenty five years, and Greg Newkirk to Hellier, Kentucky, five years after the case began, bear striking similarities to each other. The oddities that spring forth from these synchronicities and strange occurrences for Greg, Dana, and the gang, are Lynchian to the max.

The Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts, as it is termed by Allen Greenfield in his book by the same name, takes center stage in Ink and Black. Indeed, the name of the episode itself comes from a term that appears both in Terry Wriste’s e-mails to Greg and is said to describe none other than Indrid Cold, the supposed extradimensional being that appeared to Woodrow Derenberger during the Mothman sightings in West Virginia, through the Cypher that Greenfield writes about. It’s Karl who first recognizes the commonality between Greenfield’s findings and Terry Wriste’s own communications en route to Hellier, setting the tone for their time in the hills and hollers of eastern Kentucky before they had even fully arrived. This air of otherworldly intervention continues as Hellier residents seem reluctant to discuss the happenings around the town when the team arrives and even more so when news agencies and police departments show no interest in speaking with them. In the words of Dana Newkirk, “The strangest thing we encountered was the lack of strangeness.”

This lack of strangeness seems to be the calm before the storm, however. No one in town knows of David Christie, the supposed doctor who sent Greg the original e-mails. On the hunt for Christie, though, the team are told of more odd goings on within the hills of Hellier, such as sounds of a baby crying within the caves at night. This leads Dana to theorize that what they may be dealing with in Hellier is some kind of elemental entity or entities. Puckwudgies were what originally sprang to my mind when Dana made mention of this. (For more information on these creatures follow the link below.) Regardless, though the case takes a more treacherous turn in episode two, as Ink and Black steeps us further into the strangeness happening within Hellier and like it’s thematic, fictional brethren, Twin Peaks, manages to raise more questions on just what it is behind the odd occurrences. In Hellier, energies are building and something is about to break.

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