High Strangeness in Hellier Featuring The Kentucky Goblins

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Episode Title: High Strangeness in Hellier Featuring The Kentucky Goblins

Episode Description: It’s the midnight hour, once again! Tonight we’re sitting down to discuss the recent Week in Weird docuseries, Hellier. This series is five episodes of eastern Kentucky high strangeness centered around those elusive Bluegrass entities, the Kentucky goblins. In addition to discussing our ideas, theories, and opinions of the adventures of the Alien Cave Base Task Force, we contribute our own thought provoking research to this strange ongoing case right in the edge of Appalachian Plateaus. In the introduction, we continue our discussion of the odd mystery booms heard in Kentucky and elsewhere as of late, with the most recent notable happening in Jackson County at the end of January. Time to take to the shadows, Nightowls! The goblins are amongst us and ethereal voices are speaking through your podcatcher on tonight’s episode of Midnight in Kentucky; High Strangeness in Hellier, Featuring The Kentucky Goblins.
This episode features tracks:

‘Angry Small Town Scene 6’ by Truckstop Dave

‘Changes’ by B. Silas

‘Dark Noise VII part 2’ by Truckstop Dave

-Mystery boom heard in three counties

-Hellier on YouTube
Part 1: The Midnight Children https://youtu.be/R1FwIuicx88

Part 2: Ink and the Black https://youtu.be/BbXbfImzpo8

Part 3: Trapped in a Maze https://youtu.be/Ok_ZKSe4YEA

Part 4: Slivers of the Future https://youtu.be/uW0fowdD8bI

Part 5: The Heart of it https://youtu.be/tY9Sw6hfgKg

-The Return of the Kentucky Goblins

-Return of the Kentucky Goblins: New Leads in a Case of Strange Creatures, Crashed UFOs, and the Men in Black

-Secret Cypher of the UFOnauts

-Secret Rituals of the Men in Black

-Secret Underground Bases

-Shaped UFO in Pike County, Kentucky, October 16th, 2012

-Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts – by Allen Greenfield on AboveTopSecret.com


-Allen Greenfield on The Paracast

-David Christie Ontario Mining Company
-David Christie Collins in Danville


1Dr David Collins in Pikeville

-TruckStop Dave Online
-B. Silas Online

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1:10:40: JOHN TENNEY!!


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