Octavia Hatcher and the Ongoing Oddness in Eastern Kentucky

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Episode Description:

The time: Midnight. 

The place: The lost highways of eastern Kentucky. 

You hear a baby crying from the hillside graveyard. A lost child? At this time of night? You’ve heard the folk tales. You know the stories. Yet, something still pulls you forward, dear Nightowl, into the depths of the tombstones beyond. 

Tonight, we venture to the town of Pikeville, Kentucky, just thirty minutes north of the infamous community of Hellier, to examine the legends of one of the region’s most notorious haints, Octavia Hatcher. We’ll dig into (no pun intended) the lesser known aspects of the terrifying case and try to piece this haunting together with some of the recent news of goblin infestation coming out of the area. In the introduction to this episode we discuss the odd atmospheric phenomena that occurred over the state in December 2018 and how it could concur with the current mystery boom reports. 

The crackle of a radio in the distance sends a shiver down your spine. You want to run, to get back to your car and leave before you encounter something truely evil. As you turn, the ground opens beneath you and a skeletal hand wraps around your ankle. The Truckstop Dave beat begins the introduction to the last podcast you’ll ever hear, Midnight in Kentucky; Octavia Hatcher and Ongoing Oddness in Eastern Kentucky. 

This episode features tracks:

‘Path 4’ by Truckstop Dave

‘Angry Small Town Scene 6’ by Truckstop Dave

‘The Real’ by B. Silas


-What’s that up in the sky? A weather radar mystery unfolds in the Tri-State


-Radar Mystery Hasn’t been Solved Yet


-Remember Those Mysterious Radar Blips? Kentucky Wasn’t Alone


-The Legend of Octavia Hatcher 


-Bridget’s Photos

-Stephen’s Photos

-My Mountain Mysteries – The Octavia Hatcher Story – Chapter Two; Octavia Hatcher


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