Russell County Sheriff’s Deputy Faces Down Flying Saucer

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Episode Description:

It’s the dog days of August, the heat is oppressive, the forest is eerily quiet. As you come up around the bend the orange glow through the trees makes it look as though the wood are on fire. When the patrol car ascends the hill, however, you see the light source. Hovering over the tiny farmhouse, as silent as the night itself, sits a massive, irradiate craft from another world.
Tonight on Midnight in Kentucky, in celebration of world UFO day, we take a step out our front door and into our own hometown of Russell County in a look at one of the craziest and closest close encounters with something… else. In the early 00’s a Russell County sheriff’s deputy lay witness to a molten colored object hanging low over a two story home on the edge of town, a decade later he shared his account with the world on podcast Third Phase of the Moon. On this episode we break down the deputy’s sighting, discuss other reports in the area, and throw out some of our own theories on this local high strangeness. In the introduction of the show we talk about the mysterious slayings of six llamas and two donkeys in Louisville in February and how the mutilations tie in with ongoing weirdness around the state.

The car battery stalled, the radio dead, you try to reach for your pistol but your hand won’t move. The silence is shattered suddenly as the familiar Truckstop Dave beat floods the speakers. The full moon has risen once again, Nightowls, the midnight hour is upon us and the sky has opened in Midnight In Kentucky: Russell County Sheriff’s Deputy Faces Down Flying Saucer!
This episode features tracks:
‘City Don’t Sleep’ by Culture Trap
‘Trapped Locust’ by Truckstop Dave
‘Juxtapose’ by B. Silas


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