Convention Encounters

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The full moon has risen once again and the Kentucky boys are out and about in the strange city of Lexington. In this very special first episode of our ongoing Convention Encounters series, we discuss our wonderfully weird weekend at Crytidcon ‘19! Not only did we meet legends and heroes like Geraldine Sutton Stith, daughter of Elmer ‘Lucky’ Sutton, experiencer of the Hopkinsville goblin invasion, and David Paulides, the researcher responsible for the prolific Missing 411 series, but also spoke with convention attendees and presenters about their own paranormal happenings. In the intro we discuss the very literal midnight in Kentucky premiere of Momo: The Missouri Monster from Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters at the Kentucky Theater leading into the weekend, as well as the convention’s Q&A with the director himself and the future of his films. Dogmen, Sasquatch, UFOs, mysterious disappearances; high strangeness abounds, Nightowls! Journey with us as we breakdown the sights and sounds of our Convention Encounter at Crytidcon ‘19!

-Small Town Monsters
-Cryptid Studies Institute