In Conversation with Daniel Wilson

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Daniel Wilson is a sky watcher, weather tracker, and long time radio personality in Russell County, Kentucky. His voice alerted listeners to severe weather for years over the FM waves and now his Storm Alert Center continues to report online daily to Kentuckians from around the state. Tonight we sit down with Daniel to discuss a few of the stranger phenomena of which he has taken note in his time watching the skies. From inexplicable lights and craft, to groups of unknown drones stalking the nocturnal skyway, we cover a slew of strangness seen by Daniel, and reported to him, over Russell County and surrounding areas. In the introduction to this episode we further elaborate on how mystery drone reports in Colorado link to the same kind seen over rural Kentucky since late summer 2019. Keep your eyes ever skyward, Nightowls, and join us tonight for Midnight in Kentucky in Conversation with Daniel Wilson!
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‘Opera 1‘ and ‘Fog’

(The title-card image is a digital rendering made by Daniel to provide a visual example of his sighting of a ball of light over a field near his boyhood home discussed in this episode)
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