Two Cold Nights in January: The Kentucky Abductions

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On two cold nights in January, something visited the Bluegrass and left a lasting impression upon those who encountered it. In this episode, we discuss the abduction experiences of Lee Parish in Prospect, Kentucky on January 27th, 1977 and Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas in Stanford, Kentucky, almost exactly a year before. We take a deep dive into these infamous incidences and examine just how they fit into place with other instances of high strangeness in Kentucky and the phenomena at large. In the introduction to this episode we discuss the establishment of the Space Force, briefly touch upon the mystery drones seen around the country, and converse on other odd and conspiratorial happenings in January 2020. Join us tonight, Nightowls, under the full moon, for a journey deep into the heart of the unknown aboard craft of otherworldly origin on Midnight in Kentucky; Two Cold Nights in January: The Kentucky Abductions!

This episode features music by:

Truckstop Dave – ‘Path 4’

John Swanson- ‘Gone’

B. Silas- ‘The Resurrection of Benjamin Silas’

Additional audio support is provided by Co.Ag Music. This episode features tracks ‘Dark Road’ and ‘The Woods’. 


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