Stephen’s statement on recent events in our society.

I don’t say much on Facebook or any social media, I and don’t intend to. It is no secret that I am not one that expresses my opinions publicly. However, with the current situation in our society, I feel that an exception is required in my private stance with social media. So, there will be a permanent asterisk next to my rule on public displays of my perspective.

Starting, I don’t care if anyone deletes, unfollows me, or whatever is the equivalent of the middle finger on this virtual community.

Black lives matter. None of this nonsense of all lives matter is relevant. If all lives matter… then you wouldn’t have pitched a fit during the quarantine because you couldn’t go to wherever it is you feel you have to go so urgently. The very ones that are hollering all lives matter are the same ones saying we should sacrifice people for the economy a few weeks ago. Hypocrites. But the rules never apply to them. This is because they believe that they are God’s chosen ones and are exempt from any law. We can get into this later.

The problem with the police is that racism is deeply rooted. The police are granted way too much power, both legally and with the use of deadly force. There are little oversight and accountability. We need to demilitarize, have extensive training, and have much more accountability. Retribution must be paid for the crimes that have been committed against minorities. But, honestly, that isn’t going to happen. We are going full throttle over the cliff.

There seem to be two sides, to what appears to be the drumbeat of either a civil rights movement or civil war. Let me make it clear. I’m on the side that believes that black lives matter.

It is also my belief that the ideas of white supremacy are all around us. It is in our police force, local, state, and national news, and all over the halls of government. It sits next to you in the church pew. Which, is one of the many reasons I’ll never step foot in a place such as that ever again. This ideology must be pulled up by the roots and burned. This should have been done right after the Civil War. At this point, it is too late. Action is needed. We entering an era where police and armed white supremacists can threaten, intimidate, kill, and get away with it. They are all on the same side. If a single police officer wasn’t on that side they’d turned in their badge and step across the DMZ. I haven’t seen any do that. We need real change in this country and some of the institutions that people call sacred need to be burned down and bulldozed. Those ideologies need to be removed and the true real history of this country needs to be taught and discussed. No more of this confederacy and south rising talk. The confederacy folks were traitors and all monuments to them need to be removed and destroyed.

Removing these effigies is not tyranny. Neither is a quarantine that disallows you to get a haircut or go bowling. However, tyranny is placing armed militants on the street to take away the 1st amendment rights of protestors, the beating of journalists that are documenting these crimes, and the murdering of African Americans by the police. That is the definition of martial law. I’ve got a message to these 2nd amendment sanctuary individuals. If you think for one minute the same force that is being used against the protestors won’t be used against you to take your guns, then you are badly mistaken. When the time comes where you are no longer needed by the system, they will kill you. If you don’t realize this, then you are ignorant and have no clue how tyrannical the government can be. We need to stand up for all the rights in the constitution. The 14th amendment for example. You can read between the lines of what I’m saying there.

Again, what is going on in this country has to stop. Racism, police brutality, and white supremacy no longer has a place in this society. We are better than this. A better and more open, trusting, accepting society is possible. There is so much more to say on this subject but I’ll relent for now.