We’ve got a Serious Werewolf Problem

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The full moon has risen once again and Midnight in Kentucky is back this week with an in-depth look at the weird news of spring 2020 and some recent terrifying encounters with Kentucky’s own dogman. In the intro to this episode we discuss the recently released identity of the new owner of the infamous Skinwalker ranch, as well as the Navy’s latest batch of UFO videos and an interesting hazard report dealing with craft of unknown origin in the skies above. Then, we’ll bring it home to weird Kentucky and talk about some recent local sightings of strange craft overhead and brand new mystery boom reports. Finally, we’ll confront a few recently documented encounters with one of the Commonwealth’s most dangerous cryptids, the dogman, including a tragic recent incident of the the killing of a child earlier this year in Knott County and the possibility of the creature’s involvement. Prepare yourself for the return of the original podcast investigating and celebrating high strangeness in the bluegrass, and journey with us as MIK tackles Kentucky’s serious werewolf problem!

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‘Scene 1 ‘
‘Scene 2’
‘Scene 3’

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DISCLAIMER: This episode was recording before the murder of George Floyd and the resulting demonstrations around the world. For those interested in our thoughts on those events tune into ‘After Midnight,’ a new series from Midnight in Kentucky, addressing conspiracies, authoritative cover-ups, and the dark days we all find ourselves apart. Coming soon to the MIK podcast feed. For more, see ‘Stephen’s Statement on Recent Events in our society.’ on the Midnight in Kentucky blog.



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