Mark of the Bell Witch Review

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In the December of 1817, some 200 years ago, the Bell family, along with the residents of Adams, Tennessee, became embroiled in one of the strangest, and most terrifying visitations of the supernatural on record. Soon after the patriarch of the Bell family, John Bell, opened fire on an unknown creature, unexplained scratches began being heard in and on the walls of the Bell homestead. These scratches would slowly give way to whispers, and then to the fully emboldened voice of The Bell Witch. Though we plan on doing our own look at the odd goings on in Adams later in 2021, tonight we’re turning our attention to the newly released feature film from Seth Breedlove and Small Town Monsters, The Mark of the Bell Witch. The perfect blend of horror movie narrative and deep-dive documentary, The Mark of the Bell Witch explores the presence of the witch through various lenses, including the spiritual nature of the phenomena, the folkloric, historic, and mythological aspects of the story as it has been told, and the effects on the town and community of Adams itself. Capturing a moment in the adolescence of America when terror came to Tennessee, the feeling of isolation in the face of supernatural onslaught is made palpable to the viewer. So, Nightowls beware! Ethereal black dogs, otherworldly orbs, and disembodied demonic entities lie ahead! But perhaps, most dangerously, slight spoilers, as Midnight in Kentucky reviews and discusses Small Town Monsters, The Mark of the Bell Witch! 

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