Kentucky’s Serious Werewolf Problem

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Known to the Cherokee tribe as the Limmikin, French settlers as the Rougarou, and those who would establish the Transylvania colony in Kentucky simply as Werewolves, something ancient and deadly has walked these hills and hollers since before a time when the bluegrass made them famous. The full moon has risen once again and Midnight in Kentucky is back with an in-depth look at just a few terrifying experiences with Kentucky’s own Dogman. Tonight, we’ll confront a few recently documented encounters with one of the Commonwealth’s most dangerous cryptids, including a tragic recent incident of the the killing of a child in early 2020 in Knott County, and the possibility of the creature’s involvement, as well as take a deep-dive into the storied history of the beast’s residence in it’s primordial hunting grounds here in our weird Kentucky home. Light the torches, load the silver bullets, steel your nerve, and journey with us as Midnight in Kentucky tackles Kentucky’s serious werewolf problem!

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