The Bluegrass Cryptid Aquarium

The Bluegrass Cryptid Aquarium Episode
The Bluegrass Cryptid Aquarium is now open- wherever fine podcasts are heard!

Second only to the state of Alaska in navigable waterways, the Bluegrass state’s intimate connection with it’s lakes, streams, and rivers is well documented. From legends of exploration by historic figures like Daniel Boone and Abraham Lincoln, to the seasonal tourism brought to Kentucky in more modern times, water is as important to the Commonwealth as horse racing or bourbon. As we have discussed several times on MIK, running water seems to be a major factor in many paranormal encounters and supernatural experiences, and attractor of different types of phenomena. While dogmen stalk the banks of the Land Between the Lakes and Mothman beats its wings along the surface of the Ohio river, what unknown entities and unfathomable creatures lurk in the depths of Kentucky’s waters? Come along as we plunge the murky bluegrass waters in search of the monsters that may call them home. From Herry, the Herrington Lake Monster, a supposed pig-eel creature, and the Lake Linville Monster, described by some witnesses as a large black slug released into the lake by machine-gun toting G-men, to a Nessie-like serpent said to make the Ohio river near Henderson, Kentucky it’s home, and unnaturally gigantic specimens of Catfish and Alligator Gar, we’ve drug the waters in search of them all! Tonight, Midnight in Kentucky is your personal guide on this full moon lit tour through the unusually unnatural inhabitants of the Bluegrass Cryptid Aquarium!

Audio support for this episode was provided by TruckStop Dave from the upcoming Angry Small Town album.

Additional vocals provided by Jamie Lee.

Additional audio support provided by The Ambience Channel.


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