Halloween Special 2019

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Mercury is in retrograde again, the full moon has risen, and it’s HALLOWEEN IN KENTUCKY! Tonight, on this very special episode, we hear the stories of three Kentuckians with their own terrifying true tales of the paranormal in the Bluegrass. From unknown craft in the Commonwealth skies and unknown creatures on Kentucky’s waterways to an encounter with the horrific Hat Man, this episode is a grab bag of scary, real life, stories to unnerve you this All Hallow’s Eve. At the end of each tale we break down the strange happenings and relate them to other odd incidences proving it’s not only Halloween when the veil is thin in the Bluegrass state. So grab your candy, turn down the lights, lock the doors, and join us for HALLOWEEN in Kentucky!
Audio support for this episode was provided by TruckStop Dave and features tracks:
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-Trapped Locust