Halloween Special 2020

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Halloween. Samhain. The harvest. The gateway to the darker half and a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest. The blue moon of Kentucky shines down upon the hills and hollers, tonight, illuminating bluegrass backroads and breathing new life into the spirits who call this place home. And as you know by now, this dark and bloody ground is home to many a wayward spirit, creatures that bump in the night, and distortion in time, space, and reality, all year round, not only on this most auspicious of celebrations. Let’s take a voyage tonight, down those lesser known commonwealth highways, where you may just meet a family member, long gone from us, returned from the ethereal to protect you. Let’s take a stroll tonight, out to the old barn behind the house, where a strange light has been hanging overhead now for days. Let’s have a full moon picnic, tonight, out at the schoolyard playground where the veil itself seems to waft and wane, in and out of existence as we’ve known it. The witching hour has struck, Nightowls, and it’s Halloween in Kentucky! 

Stay tuned until the end of the episode for an important announcement about the future of Midnight in Kentucky.

Music for this episode provided by Truckstop Dave.