In Conversation with Lon Strickler

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Lon Strickler is no stranger to the strange. As host of Arcane Radio and the Beyond Explanation YouTube channel, and guide to one of the most comprehensive compendiums of Fortean research in the modern age, Phantoms and Monsters, Lon has investigated and logged more experiences with the unknown than most of us have ever considered. In addition to his role as one of the leading researchers and field investigators of various phenomena, he has also lived a life inundated with the other worldly. From an intense experience of clairvoyance on the battlefields near Gettysburg as a boy to an encounter with the Sykesville monster while fishing in the early 80s, for Lon, the paranormal is personal. Tonight, hear of some of his strangest investigations and his own run-ins with that which should not be. In addition, we discuss The Chicago Mothman, upright canids around the nation, the occult and magickal aspects of the unknown, and much more, as Midnight in Kentucky goes in conversation with Lon Strickler!

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