In Conversation with Paul Herring

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In the dense and darkened wood of the unknown, there walks a huntsman. In online hideaways, around digital campfires, he gathers the tales most others are afraid to even mention in a whisper. Podcaster, private investigator, and paranormal enthusiast Paul Herring is that Mysterious Huntsman. On his Youtube channel, and podcast, of the same name, Paul has heard the stories of hundreds of witnesses to the unexplained, supernatural, and highly strange. Tonight, in our last episode of 2020, we sit down around the digital campfire with Paul, to recount just a few of his collected stories, and discuss ongoing odd phenomena around the world, and here, in the south specifically. Not only will you hear of an all out war between a dogman and campers in the Red River Gorge region, and an encounter with a hairy inhumanoid by a law enforcement officer in Western Kentucky, but Paul shares with us some of his own incidents and encounters with the weird, as well as his thoughts on the heightening strange activity of the past year. So gather all you’ll need to survive, Nightowls, tonight we convene at the campfire to go in search of the unusual, arcane, and unexplained, with the Mysterious Huntsman as our guide, on Midnight in Kentucky in conversation with Paul Herring! 

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