In Conversation with Philip Mantle

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Philip Mantle is one of the foremost researchers and investigators on the phenomena of Unidentified Flying Objects, UAPs, and otherworldly encounters from the sky. Formerly the director of investigations for the British UFO research association, and England’s MUFON representative, Philip is the founder and proprietor of Flying Disc Press, and holds decades of experience in the field, and has written over a dozen books on the subject. Tonight, we speak with Philip on the recently released documents and photographs on and of UFOs from governments around the world, as well as his thoughts on the spiritual and conscious nature of unknown craft. Additionally, we discuss Philip’s latest book, Introducing UFOs: A Young Person’s Guide, and take a deep dive into some of the startling case files contained within. Philip shares his stories as a longtime member of the worldwide UFO scene, alongside such notable names as Whitley Strieber, Jacques Valee, Calvin Parker, and many more! Hear it here, tonight, as the full moon rises and flying discs zip through the skies toward the horizon, on Midnight in Kentucky, in conversation with Philip Mantle! 

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Introducing UFOs: A Young Person’s Guide

Without Consent: A Comprehensive Study of Missing Time and Abduction Phenomena in the United Kingdom

Hyper-civilizations: An answer to ET contacts on Earth

UFOs over Romania