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In Conversation with Lynn Hightower

Lynn Hightower is not only a prolific writer and New York TImes Bestseller, but a bluegrass native who spins prose on both her weird Kentucky home and its strange otherworldly inhabitants like no other. From intense spiritual and paranormal thrillers like Even in Darkness and The Piper, to her extra-terrestrial tinged Elaki series, including titles Alien Eyes and Alien Rites, Lynn has always delved into worlds of high strangeness and conspiracy in her works. Her latest however, brings the cosmic war of good and evil right back home to Lexington, Kentucky. Tonight on MIK, we sit down with Hightower to discuss The Enlightenment Project, a story detailing the trials and tribulations of Lexington neurosurgeon and possession survivor, Noah Archer, as he battles his way, alongside his best friend and priest Perry Cavanaugh, and his wife Moira, to save the souls of those he himself may have damned to the clutches of dark and demonic forces, who once laid claim to Noah’s own. In this episode we touch on everything from the real life exorcisms that served as Hightower’s inspiration and so called ‘angel’ possessions, to Lynn’s own writing process, which involves what some more parnormally inclined folks may refer to as channeling, and why she believes a work of writing is an entity all its own. So grab the holy water, summon your angels, and prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, and emotionally, for Midnight in Kentucky in conversation with Lynn Hightower!

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