(PATREON PREVIEW) Transmissions from the Abyss: Dogman, Demons, Spirits, and Spook Lights (with Ean Connelly)

TftA: Episode 1 (w/ Ean Connelly)
TftA: Dogman, Demons, Spirits, and Spook Lights (w/ Ean Connelly)

There is a world just on the other side of the one we know. It speaks to us in signs and synchronicities, uncanny coincidence, and encounters with that which we believe to be impossible in the realms we call our own. Listen closely, Nightowls, these are Transmissions from the Abyss!

As someone who has crisscrossed the US time and again, Ean Connelly is well aware of the weird undercurrents that run just under the surface of the cultural mainstream. From an early age it seems as though the otherworldly has been in contact with Ean through many different faces of the phenomena. From a dogman encounter at a New Jersey Boy Scout camp and a spectral disembodied head on a bookshelf in his childhood room, to a pair of glowing red eyes watching from the wood’s surrounding one of America’s most infamous battlefields and an experience with something that can only be called demonic in nature, Ean has been privy to his fair share of the strange and superbly supernatural. On this first episode of our Patreon exclusive series, we discuss all of these eerie ethereal encounters, just why Ean may be prone to these kinds of otherworldly interactions, and so much more, with the witness himself, tonight on Midnight in Kentucky’s Transmissions from the Abyss!

Audio support for this episode was provided by TruckStop Dave from the upcoming Angry Small Town album.


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