In Conversation with Elijah Henderson of the Cryptid Studies Institute

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In Conversation with Elijah Henderson of the Cryptid Studies Institute

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The Cryptid Studies Institute is a fellowship of dedicated, ethical, non kill researchers, founded by father and son team, Johnny and Elijah Henderson, and the entire Henderson family, who strive daily in an environment friendly, fellow human being friendly, animal friendly, benevolent manner to further the study and understanding of wild life creatures that have yet to be documented into the fossil record. On this episode of Midnight in Kentucky, in conversation with Elijah Henderson, we discuss the family’s ancestor’s experiences with a Sasquatch like entity in the mountains of eastern Tennessee, along with several other strange encounters leading to the founding of the Cryptid Studies Institute, as well his findings of connections between the creature commonly know as dogman, the Bell Witch, and The Salem Witch Trails, and of course, the legendary inhabitants of The Land Between the Lakes in Western Kentucky. Additionally, we talk about the theory that a family in the LBL area stricken with lycanthropy is responsible for the sightings of werewolf like creatures, as well as a possible ongoing conflict between Sasquatch and Dogmen, and the history of upright canids and humans throughout time and around the world. Tonight, join Midnight in Kentucky and the Cryptid Studies Institute as we explore the hills, hollers, valleys, and lake shores of Appalachia in search of what stalks these dark and bloody grounds. 

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