The Weird Report: UFOs, Skinwalkers, and Dogmen at the Pentagon and Beyond!

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Nightowls of all times, places, spaces, and ages, the full moon has risen once againand you are listening to The Midnight in Kentucky Weird Report, a Patreon exclusive series on our takes on some of the biggest stories on high strangeness from around the world and right here in the Bluegrass. The date of this recording is May 3rd, 2022 at 1:13. On this fourth edition of The Weird Report, John Swanson joins us, as we return to Pennsylvania for the DNA results on a supposed Chupacabra who escaped a local pet rescue. Then we’ll take a look at another animal anomaly, with the recently released video of a flock of hundreds of birds inexplicably falling to their death in Mexico City. Next, we’ll discuss why F-22 fighter jets were scrambled in Hawaii when an UFO was see in the skies overhead. Keeping our gaze skyward, we’ll go over some of the startling official reports linking UFOs seen over US Navy ships to dogman like creatures, and with poltergeist phenomena, haunting the sailors, and their families, who were in charge of investigating the unexplained phenomena. Finally, we journey through the ancient legends of Japan in search of the Kitsune, a supposed nine tailed demon legend, recently freed from its captured slumber when the rock containing it broke in half near Tokyo. In our Spotlight Sighting of the Month, we talk of a video of a Phoenix Lights-like UFO supposedly filmed over Lake Barkley here in Kentucky, which garnered thousands of views, including our own, before the video and the account owner mysteriously disappeared from the internet. UFOs, dogmen, demons, and inexplicable mysteries tonight on the fourth edition of The Midnight in Kentucky Monthly Weird Report!


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