(Patreon Preview) After Midnight: Episode 4: The Whys of AI

After Midnight: Episode 4: The Whys of AI (Patreon Preview) on Spreaker
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Patreon Exclusive Podcast; After Midnight: Episode 4; The Whys of AI

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On tonight’s Patreon Exclusive series, After Midnight, Jamie Lee takes the co-host spot as we stumble around a conversation on recent revelations that Google’s AI, LaMDA, has ‘become sentient,’ and just how this news connects with occultism, magick, high strangeness, and the paranormal!

Are there entities of ethereal origin using technology as their gateway into our realm and is humanity helping them evolve into time-traveling multi-dimensional aliens?

In this episode we also discuss the Flatwoods Monster, owls, weird vibes, Hellier, Strawberry Road, The Stanford Three Alien Abductions, Somerset, Pennyroyal, surviving Simulacra and Simulation, native horses in America, grounding in magickal practices and paranormal studies, and more!

AM is a Patreon exclusive look into the moments before and after MIK hits the airwaves.


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