Pale Crawler Caught on Video Near Morehead, KY – Our Weird Kentucky Home #1 -Patreon Exclusive!

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Pale Crawler Caught on Video Near Morehead, KY – Our Weird Kentucky Home #1 -Patreon Exclusive!

On July 7th, 2022, a video posted to social media from a user in Morehead, Kentucky, recorded on a residential security camera, seemingly showing a tall, pale humanoid creature skulking around a parking lot, caught the attention of the internet at large. The uploader says the video was shot ‘at one of the cottages up at the gorge.’ It’s still unclear if this is pertaining to Red River Gorge, an area about an hour away from Morehead, a hotbed for all manner of paranormal activity. In the 33 second video, the creature can be seen making jerking, ‘glitchy’ like movements. Many feel the entity in the video may only be a hoaxer in a white body suit, however, encounters with creatures such as this go back centuries in the Bluegrass.

Many Kentucky residents we’ve spoken with have talked about being warned away from caves as children, not only due to small statured goblin like creatures making their homes of the subterranean, but also of tall gaunt humanoids, such as the one seemingly shown in the video, perusing their depths. Names vary for this particular entity or entities, with some online investigators referring to it as the Rake, and localized Kentucky folklore terming it a Pale Crawler. Sightings of these creatures are in no short supply in Kentucky, with many instances being reported in the eastern portion of the state. We’ll be doing a full deep dive into these reports in the future, but for tonight, listen to one of our favorite encounters with a pale crawler in our home town of Russell Springs, reported by MIK co-host John Swanson.

Around 2:30 in the morning in the summer of 2018, while doing rounds working as a security guard at a local boat dock, John heard the metal grate behind him on the dock bang, as if being stepped on by something. Turning, John sees a 6 and a half, to 7 foot tall, extremely slender, pale white or grey, humanoid figure walking horizontally across the dock about 100 yards behind him. While walking, the figure turned it’s head and looked in John’s direction. John says he noticed no facial markings of any kind. Immediately going to check the scene where he witnessed the creature, he finds that with the way it was headed it would have walked directly into the water on the other side, but heard no splash or noise of any kind indicating this, nor saw anything of note at present, resulting in his idea that the creature had simply vanished.

This is not the first time this particular entity had been seen in the vicinity, however, with various dock hands reporting encounters with the same creature or something similar. One story, told to us secondhand, recounts an ex-police officer who worked as a dock hand, who allegedly saw what appeared to be someone walk past the window of the guard shack. When he retrieved his side arm and exited the shack, he found nothing. Upon returning however, he found the tall white featureless creature splayed out, pressing itself against the guard shack window, as if trying to see inside. Unfortunately, what happened from there is yet to be told.

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