Strange Hooded Figure Witnessed in Bluegrass Woods- Our Weird Kentucky Home #2

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Strange Hooded Figure Witnessed in Bluegrass Woods

A very brief video out of Powell County, Kentucky, originally reported on Coast to Coast AM, seems to show a hooded figure walking through the Bluegrass woods in broad daylight. The video, along with a still image taken from the video, was posted to Facebook Group, Haunted Kentucky, by Vivian Hoffman, on behalf of the unnamed witnesses, on August 8th, 2022, with the caption: “Thoughts? Not much info other than they drove past it walking in wooded area. Wasn’t there upon retun within a few minutes. Powell County, KY on Pecks Creek Rd.” Though it is hard to tell from the short video, the figure may be pursuing the vehicle of the witnesses. 

Theories on the figure range from an costumed prankster or standee, to a ghost, the grim reaper, or the devil himself. 

Though the MIk team is unsure of what is shown in the video looking at the still image it’s possible to identify two points atop its head, which do look rather canid to us, perhaps indicating Kentucky’s infamous dogman. 

Audio support for this episode was provided by Truckstop Dave from the upcoming Angry Small Town album.


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