The Weird Report: Does Objective Reality Exist?

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Nightowls of all times, places, spaces, and ages, the full moon has risen once again and you are listening to The Midnight in Kentucky Weird Report, a Patreon exclusive series on our takes on some of the biggest stories on high strangeness from around the world and right here in the Bluegrass. The date of this recording is September 2nd at 17:04. On this fourth edition of The Weird Report, Jamie Lee makes her return to the microphone as we delve into the the strange nature of existence itself and if objective reality exists at all. Then we’ll venture to the red planet and examine what some think may be a doorway carved into the Martian landscape. Returning to Earth, we find ourselves near Geneva at CERN labs to explore theories that work on the hadron collider may some how be effecting the fabric of space and time. From there, we’ll go down south to Georgia to investigate the recent destruction of the legendary Guidestones and just how it may connect to several of our stories this evening. Finally, we bring it back to the bluegrass for our Spotlight Sighting where we’ll dive in to supposed security cam footage of a tall gaunt humanoid creature near Morehead, Kentucky. Fickle reality, alien gateways, time/space portals, southern fried conspiracies, and pale crawlers, all tonight, on the fifth edition of The Weird Report!


-A quantum experiment suggests there’s no such thing as objective reality

-Objective Reality May Not Exist at All, Quantum Physicists Say

-Mars Formation That Looks Like Alien Doorway Spotted by NASA Rover

-Door-Shaped Fracture Spotted by Curiosity at ‘East Cliffs’

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-‘Dog door’ on Mars found by Curiosity rover is a rocky ‘doorway into the ancient past,’ NASA says

-CERN hadron collider fires up again to reveal cosmic secrets

-Is CERN Causing Collective Mass Delusion by Creating Portals to Alternate Dimensions? An Investigation

-Why is there a statue of Shiva the Destroyer at CERN?

-Fact check: Scientists at CERN are not opening a ‘portal to hell’

-Supposed CERN Sacrifice

-Georgia Guidestones: Rural monument that some call satanic damaged in bombing, police say

-Georgia Guidestones on Wikipedia

-What Happened to “America’s Stonehenge”?

-No time capsule found at site of Georgia Guidestones

-Unidentified Creature Caught on Camera Roaming Texas Zoo

-Pale Crawler Caught on Video Near Morehead, Ky – Our Weird Kentucky Home #1 – Patreon Exclusive!