An Otherworldly Initiation: In Conversation with Jason Andrews of Paranormal Patio

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In Conversation with Jason Andrews

Jason Andrews is a man beset with initiation by the otherworldly. As host of the Paranormal Patio podcast, Jason has spoken with a variety of highly notable names in the fields of the paranormal, supernatural, and all around high strangeness. Jason’s own experiences with the phenomenal, however, are chock full of synchronicity and magick and are as astounding and perception shattering as any of the guests to which he has played host. On tonight’s episode of MIK, as the veil begins its thinning, we sit down with Jason to discuss the call of the ethereal and how that call has seemingly guided him most of his life to culminate into the strange journey he now finds himself on with the upcoming release of his video documentary project, “Surface: Before Me, My Altar.” From prophetic, lucid dreams, and the kinfolk of Aleister Crowley, to the possibility that the very entrance to the hollow Earth itself has been found right here in the Bluegrass… The hour has just struck midnight on the Paranormal Patio and MIK is in conversation with Jason Andrews to hear just how it all leads back to Kentucky!

Audio support for this episode was provided by Truckstop Dave from the upcoming Angry Small Town album.



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