Don’t Let the Darkness In! Lynn Hightower Returns!

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Don’t Let the Darkness in! Lynn Hightower Returns!

Bestselling author and Bluegrass native Lynn Hightower provides a home for the unknown, unexplained, and unnatural throughout the pages of her work. Lynn’s latest novel, The Enlightenment Project, set in Lexington, Kentucky, focuses on neurosurgeon Noah Archer, a victim of demonic possession in his youth now being drug back into the realm of angels and demons through his latest research project, promising breakthrough treatments for depression, addiction, and mental illness, through researching the effects of spirituality on the brain. In this time when the veil is at its thinnest, Lynn joins us again under the full moon to discuss the crossover of science and the otherworldly, the entity that is storytelling, and just what demons and angels may truly be and how the effect us in the corporeal realms. The smell of sulfur abounds, the light dims, and an unseen presence is felt all around us. Join us on our journey into the darkness Nightowls, as Lynn Hightower returns to go in conversation with Midnight in Kentucky!

Audio support for this episode was provided by TruckStop Dave from the upcoming Angry Small Town album.

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