A Zoomed in Still of the object caught on phone camera by Tim Cooper. (Looking closely you can make out at least four lights around the craft.)

On Labor Day, Monday, September 4th, 2023, Tim Cooper, owner of a U-Haul rental service provider in Bronston, Kentucky, filmed an unknown, saucer-shaped, object hovering over his place of business in the bright morning sunlight. I contacted Tim on Tuesday, after seeing his video shared on social media, and he was happy to speak with me on his sighting, and provided additional information on the videos and photos shared on his own account. Tim says this:

“Yesterday morning around 10:15 AM, I had walked to my U-haul trucks to install the inspection stickers. I went to the first truck, put the sticker on, then the second. As I was coming around third truck in front, the rooftop shadow blocked the sun from the left corner and I caught a glimpse of this bright, but stationary, saucer type shape. Much more vivid than I could capture. I stared at it a couple minutes, trying process it all. I even rubbed my eyes, like to get focused. Yes its really there! Then I thought, ‘Hey get your phone & record!’”

When asked how long he watched the object, and about its movements, Tim responded:

“At least 20 minutes, then a customer came in. When I went back it was no longer visible. It was there hovering when I first spotted it and when I left it. It made variations of movement. More up & down than side to side.”

Tim also reports that when he had naked-eye visual on the object it appeared to him- very obviously- that he was looking at a physical saucer shaped object with lights circling around it. He reported seeing this so clearly that initially the appearance startled him. However, after filming the object on his phone, the object appears as a bright cylindrical shaped light hovering against a blue summer sky. In still images from the video capture, several circular lights can be seen on the brightly lit object.

We are hoping to speak with Tim in person soon, as well as check out the area where the video was taken. Stay tuned to MIK for updates on this case! 

If you may have witnessed this event, have any information regarding it, or have any other experiences with high strangeness, we’d love to speak with you on or off the record, and can share information anonymously if you’d like! feel free to reach out on Facebook or through E-mail at [email protected]

We value, appreciate, and respect every witness who reports their own encounters with the strange, unusual, supernatural, and paranormal to us. 🦉

Video taken by Tim Cooper

Non-zoomed still from video to show height of object